- Makeblock Co., Ltd is a robotics startup from Shenzhen established in 2013. Its main brand Makeblock, founded in 2011, is a leading DIY robotics construction and STEM education platform for makers, hobbyists, STEM learners, and educators. Makeblock empowers people to turn ideas into reality by providing STEM Kits, Tech Kits, DIY Kits, a building block platform of over 500 mechanical parts and easy-to-use electronic modules, graphical programming software, and online and offline courses.

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Codey Rocky Coding Robot

Makeblock’s Codey Rocky is a powerful entry-level coding robot that includes a variety of built-in programmable components. Learn More

mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Programmable Robotics Kit

Makeblock's mBot Ranger can be built into 3 preset variations: a tank (Land Raider), a racing car (Dashing Raptor), or a self-balancing robot (Nervous Bird). Learn More

mBot Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Programmable Robotics Kit

Makeblock’s mBot ultimate 2.0 can be built into 10 preset variations which let users have fun or solve a specific problem, giving a preview of robot design. Learn More

Airblock Programmable Drone and Hovercraft

Users of Makeblock's Airblock drone and hovercraft can control the drone via the Makeblock app and code the virtual buttons with block-based programming. Learn More

mBot Educational Robotics Platform

Makeblock's mBot educational robotics platform is an Arduino compatible entry-level robot kit to learn coding, robotics, and electronics. Learn More

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Codey Rocky Video

A new coding companion for budding innovators from ages 6 and up. Codey Rocky is a powerful cute-looking robot that includes a variety of built-in programmable components.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Makeblock Airblock and mBot Ranger | DigiKey

Ashley’s wants the Airblock and mBot Ranger from Makeblock for the Holidays.

Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 | Digi-Key Daily

Makeblock offers their Ultimate 2.0, 10-in-1 robot kit, which includes assembly guides for ten different designs to serve as launch pads for other inventions.

Makeblock mBot Education Robot | Maker Minute

Makeblock’s mBot is an education robot for teaching STEM topics and experimenting with mechanics, electronics, control systems, and computer science.

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