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About Magnasphere Corp.

Magnasphere Corp. has developed the first significant improvement in two-wire, hermetically sealed, magnetic switching in over 60 years; the patented, award-winning Magnasphere switch.

This new technology overcomes the inherent weaknesses of the reed switch (fragility, magnetic tamper susceptibility, size), while retaining the beneficial characteristics (non-contact actuation, sealed contacts). Compared to the Hall Effect switch, the Magnasphere switch exhibits similar performance but does not require power and is less expensive.

A feature unique to the Magnasphere switch is its ability to function as a compact, very low cost stand-alone ferrous proximity sensor. Because the internal contact is a spherical magnet, the device will sense the presence or absence of ferrous material, such as steel.

Manufactured in America to ISO standards, the Magnasphere family of switch products offers Design Engineers in all industries solutions to problems inherent in other magnetic switch technologies.