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Image of Macchina's M2 Automotive Interfaces

M2 Automotive Interfaces

Macchina's M2 versatile, open source automotive interface is packaged with CAN, LIN, J1850, and Arduino compatibility.

Image of Macchina's P1 UTD (Under the Dash)

P1 Linux Automotive Interfaces

Macchina's P1 fully-featured Linux computer conveniently plugs into the OBD2 port or wires of car harnesses.

Image of Macchina's SuperB


Macchina's SuperB combines two of hardware’s ubiquitous names ,the Bee socket and ESP32, providing a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® solution in one.

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About Macchina

Macchina grew from the experience of friends in consumer electronics making hardware to fit the needs of our own automotive projects. Over time we discovered that many people, ranging from the hobbyist to prototype labs and entrepreneurs could leverage the work we are doing. We are very proud that our hardware is finding new applications in every segment of the automotive industry, and that new niches are being found outside of the automotive space.