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Marlow Industries, Inc.

- Marlow Industries was established as an independent private corporation in 1973 to offer industry and government a single-source capability for all aspects of thermoelectric technology, cooling, heating and power generation. In 2004, Marlow Industries was purchased by II-VI Incorporated. II-VI is a public company trading on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol IIVI.

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Image of Marlow's Thermoelectric Generator Series

Thermoelectric Generator (TG) Series

Marlow's thermoelectric generator (TG) series utilizes existing temperature differences to provide reliable, renewable energy for a variety of applications including, energy harvesting, wireless sensors/actuators, smart radiator values, as well as many other applications.

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Image of Marlow's Climatherm air-to-air assemblies

Climatherm® Series Air-to-Air Assemblies

Marlow's Climatherm® air-to-air assemblies are IP55 rated and RoHS-compliant.

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Image of II-VI Marlow's Multi-Stage Series Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs)

Multi-Stage Series Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs)

II-VI Marlow's multi-stage series thermoelectric coolers (TECs) have higher heat pumping capability than single stage coolers.

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Image of II-VI Marlow's EverGen™ Mini-Harvesters

EverGen™ Mini-Harvesters

II-VI Marlow's EverGen™ mini-harvesters are compatible with vertical and horizontal surfaces and commercially available power management electronics.

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Image of Marlow's Evergen Series

EverGen™ Series

II-VI Marlow's EverGen series provides thermal energy harvesting products to power wireless sensors and other micro-devices, thereby eliminating the need for battery-powered solutions.

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Image of Marlow's Single-Stage Thermoelectric Series

Single-Stage Thermoelectric Series

II-VI Marlow builds single-stage thermoelectrics designed for medium to low heat pumping capacity requirements.

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TEM Selection and Datasheet

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation is intended to guide the user in selecting the proper II-VI Marlow thermoelectric module.

Image of Marlow's power generation assembly

Thermoelectric Power Generation and Datasheet

Duration: 10 minutes

A guide for selecting the proper thermoelectric generator, including an overview and data sheet information on the product.

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