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Loadstar Sensors

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Image of Loadstar Sensors' Button Load Cell

Button Load Cells

Loadstar Sensors' RSB2 button load cells have a 2-inch diameter and about an inch high. They offer ultra-high accuracy and stability for measuring compression loads.

Image of Loadstar Sensors' RAS1 S-Beam Load Cell

RAS1 S-Beam Load Cell

Loadstar Sensors’ S-Beam load cells (named for their distinctive S-shape) are extremely versatile and perfect for tension and compression force measurements.

About Loadstar Sensors

Loadstar Sensors is a manufacturer of load cells with the capabilities of designing and building both capacitive and resistive load cells as well as a variety of sensors with USB and wireless output for an assortment of applications across many industries. Taking responsibly for the world’s first USB load cell and load cell interface Loadstar Sensors partner with industry leading OEMs to integrate load cells and digital interfaces into the production of mass market devices. With a world class team and expertise in sensors and digital communication, Loadstar protects its technology with over sixteen patents issued.