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- Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and unwanted heat are complex challenges. Potential problems can be overlooked at the start of a project. When any EMI or heat issue affecting an electronic device goes undiscovered, costs can soar. Laird’s material sciences professionals excel from rapid prototype design, through production, and finally through component integration into your manufacturing. Their high-performance products reflect the latest advances in the material sciences. They include EMI shielding, world-leading multi-functional/combined offerings, precision and structural metals, RF/microwave absorbers, electrically conductive elastomers, dispensable thermal management products, magnetic ceramic components and dozens more.

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Fabric-Over-Foam Gaskets

Fabric-Over-Foam EMI gaskets offer high conductivity and shielding attenuation and are ideal for applications requiring low compression force. Learn More

Two-Piece Board Level Shields

Laird Technologies' two-piece standard surface mount shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without risking board damage. Learn More

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EMI Board Level Shields Publish Date: 2011-01-24

An important component when designing to ensure that two or more circuits achieve electromagnetic compatibility, easily and economically shielding designs.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Laird’s Precision Metals Production and Design Capabilities Overview

Laird discusses how today's mobile devices and other sensitive electronic systems are becoming smaller, thinner, lighter and more compact.

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