KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.

- KOA Speer Electronics, an affiliate of KOA Corporation, has served the electronics industry since 1980. It has a global presence, including corporate headquarters in Japan and sales locations in the USA, Germany, China, and Singapore. Their wide range of products include thick film resistors, thin film resistors, current sensing resistors, wirewound resistors, thermal sensors, fuses, varistors, LTCCs, and modules.

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SR731E-RT (0402 Anti-Sulfur) Current Sensing Chip Resistors

KOA's SR731E-RT current sense resistors are ideal for use in outdoor environment applications in mining, agriculture, winemaking, and oil/gas. Learn More

SR73-RT Series Resistors

KOA Speer Electronics SR73-RT series resistors have excellent anti-sulfuration characteristics due to using high sulfuration-proof inner top electrode material. Learn More

WG73 Series Wide Terminal Surge Current Flat Chip Resistors

KOA's WG73 wide terminal type surge current flat chip resistor is superior to the WK73 in pulse withstanding voltage. Learn More

RN73H1E Ultra Precision Chip Resistors

KOA's RN73H metal chip resistors feature power rating of 0.063 W to 0.25 W, resistances up to 1 MΩ, and maximum working voltages between 50 V and 400 V. Learn More

SR73 Series Current Sense Resistors

KOA's SR73 series of low-ohm current sensing chip resistors offers many package sizes, resistance values, and tolerances, as well as a wide temperature range. Learn More

TLRH Series Current Sense Resistors

KOA's TLRH series chip-type current sense resistors use metal plate technology to improve corrosion resistance and withstand higher temperatures. Learn More

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