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J.W. Winco

Image of JW Winco's GN 300 Adjustable Levers

Adjustable Levers

Also known as adjustable handles or tension levers, are ideal for clamping parts in tight spaces.

Image of J.W. Winco's Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers

Offered with variations of mini, steel, plate mount, zinc die-cast, and more.

Image of J.W. Winco's Bumpers

Rubber Bumpers

J.W. Winco rubber bumpers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

Image of JW Winco's GN 451 Shock Absorption Mounts

GN 451 Shock Absorption Mounts

Designed to prevent damage from strong vibration by absorbing kinetic energy and muffling noise.

Image of JW Winco's GN 617 Spring Loaded Device

GN 617 Spring Loaded Devices

Designed to align, hold, and latch different parts of equipment together.

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About J.W. Winco

JW Winco, Inc. a Ganter Company, is a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components and assembly hardware. Standard parts are extremely versatile in their application offering great opportunities. An increased use of standard parts greatly reduces the costs of product development providing the engineers with more time to devote to larger project requirements. Engineers can concentrate on the actual machine and equipment design, as standard parts can cost-effectively be procured externally.