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Jameson LLC

Image of Jameson LLC's Aerial Cable Placement

Aerial Cable Placement

Jameson's collection of aerial cable placement products include sheaves, stringing blocks, corner blocks, and measuring poles.

Image of Jameson LLC's Glow Rods

Glow Rods

Jameson's non-conductive fiberglass fish rods and versatile accessories handle a variety of wiring jobs.

Image of Jameson LLC's Locating Equipment

Locating Equipment

Locating equipment offered by Jameson includes traceable rodders (gas lines, gas mains, water mains, water lines), probes, transmitters and receivers.

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About Jameson LLC

Jameson LLC manufactures innovative products for telecommunications, utilities, electrical, tree care, mining, construction, and the military. Headquartered in Clover, South Carolina, Jameson's 50,000 square foot facility is designed to accommodate future expansion as new products are developed. Since 1956, Jameson has been committed to offering their customers the highest value for their investment, specializing in unique products for any job environment including underground, overhead, or inside.