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JBL Products, Inc.

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Image of JBL Products' TLG-BLACK Twist Lock Grommet™

TLG-BLACK Twist Lock Grommet™

JBL's grommet self locks to surfaces, no fall outs, and is reusable for relocation. The encased/protected wires and cables provide unobstructed pass through.

Image of JBL Products' TLG-WHITE Twist Lock Grommet

TLG-WHITE Twist Lock Grommet™

JBL's grommet works for all surfaces 3/8” to 1” thick and offers professional and problem-free installation. No tools are used to lock.

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About JBL Products, Inc.

JBL Products, Inc supplies the unique Twist Lock Grommet™ which allows for a professional cable management solution and problem-free installation. This innovative grommet has self-locking capabilities, which lead to tool free wire and cable management.