- IoTize is a French technology start-up based near Grenoble, a European hub for micro and nanotechnologies. In collaboration with industry-leading partners, IoTize designs and manufactures a range of wireless connectivity solutions for microcontroller-based embedded systems (TapNLink) and systems implementing any industry-standard system BUS (TapNPass). To meet the demands of diverse use cases in the Internet of Things (IoT), IoTize solutions integrate a range of wireless technologies ranging from Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to LPWAN technologies such as LoRA and SigFox. All IoTize solutions are designed for plug'n play integration into existing system designs thus reducing time-to-market and risks associated with migrating them to the IoT.

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TnP-NSR103 TapNPass Fieldbus Adapter

IoTize's TapNPass TnP-NSR103 provides users the flexibility and ease-of-use of customized human-machine interfaces (HMI) on mobile devices. Learn More

NFC-BLE Wireless with TapNLink™

IoTize's TapNLink TnLFIR103 will enhance user’s experiences with NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity. Learn More

TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink™ PRIMER Evaluation Kit

IoTize's TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink™ PRIMER evaluation kit transforms MCU-based designs into a wireless proof-of-concept without coding or hardware redesign. Learn More

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Instantly create custom, mobile HMI apps for Modbus equipped systems

Improve efficiency of equipment maintenance. TapNPass transforms Modbus ports into Bluetooth and Near Field Communication channels. Then, it instantly generates human machine interface apps for Android and iOS mobiles. No coding required.

IoTize Tap-N-Link Primer Evaluation Kit | Digi-Key Daily

TNL-PRIMER-NB TapNLink PRIMER evaluation board from IoTize enhances MCU-based systems with near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) with ease.

Debug MCU Applications Over a Wireless Channel

Demonstrates use for TapNLink Primer Bluetooth module for debugging connection between Ride7 and an STM32 (ARM Cortex M) Nucleo application board.

TapNLink on the Nucleo board

Tutorial of how to instantly create mobile HMI apps for STM32 Nucleo

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