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International Components Corp.

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Image of International Components' BRP4535S-12C Piezo Electric Alarm

BRP4535S-12-C Buzzer Piezo Electric Alarm with Internal Circuitry

International Components' Intervox® buzzers feature a level of efficiency and clear, penetrating sound while drawing lower current than other technology.

Image of International Components' S200SA General-Purpose Square Speaker

S200SA General-Purpose Square Speaker

Intervox® speakers from International Components are available in round, square, and oval-shaped frames with paper or mylar cones. Sizes range from 1" to 4".

Image of International Components' MEO-94PN-01-643 Electret Condenser Microphone

MEO-94PN-01-643 Electret Condenser Microphone

International Components' Intervox® Electret condenser microphones are offered in omni-directional, unidirectional, and noise cancelling types.

About International Components Corp.

International Components Corporation has been supplying components to the electronics Industry for over 45 years. ICC manufactures audible devices, microphones, and capacitors. The Intervox® and Intercap product lines are designed primarily for use in original equipment manufacturing (OEM). ICC's objective is to supply high quality, reliable components to these manufacturers and provide the design engineers with the ultimate choices in technology at competitive prices. International Components Corporation maintains strict quality standards that are accepted world-wide. Looking for sound values? ICC hears you loud and clear.