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Image of Flex's Guidelines Driving Front Light

Guidelines for Driving Front Light LED

Presented in this article is practical information regarding best practices for driving Azumo front light led panels.

Image of Flex's EFfects of Blue Light

The New Normal: Kids and Screens

Azumo front lighting solutions can help to minimize harmful overexposure to blue light.

Image of Flex Front Light Panels

Front Light Panel FAQs

Find answers to common questions about front lighting solutions including benefits and drawbacks using this technology.

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About Azumo

Azumo is a breakthrough display company revolutionizing the industry. Azumo has developed LCD 2.0™ display technology, a new generation of high performance displays that will heighten user experience and enable unique applications and use cases across consumer, medical, industrial, and educational markets. Azumo’s ultra-thin light transmission technology enables 10 times the battery power savings and best in class reflective color with video rate capability, while simultaneously providing superb readability in bright sunlight conditions without glare, all of which remain challenges for traditional LCD display technology and high-end emissive technology like OLED.