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Fox Electronics

- Fox Electronics, Fort Myers, FL. For more than 30 years, Fox Electronics has been a leading global supplier of the industry’s broadest range of advanced frequency control solutions for applications ranging from wireless communications and computers to instrumentation, aerospace and more. The company is famed for its pioneering role in forging technology breakthroughs that have changed the landscape of the frequency control industry. Most recently, the company’s revolutionary XpressO line of configurable oscillators has given buyers and designers new levels of delivery flexibility, shorter lead-times and reduced costs…all without compromising the very highest levels of electrical performance.

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Image of Fox Electronics' Automotive Grade Crystals

Automotive Grade Crystals

Fox Electronics SMD Crystals are offered in seven industry standard package sizes from 32.768 KHz to 135 MHz frequency range.

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Image of Fox Electronics' FX135 Tuning Fork

FX135 Tuning Fork

Fox's FX135 is the smallest miniature watch crystal available, measuring just 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm with a very low profile of 0.9 mm.

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Image of Fox Electronics' F32K Oscillator Series

F32K Oscillator Series

Fox Electronics introduces the compact 3.3-volt F32K 32.768 kHz oscillator series as an expansion to its HCMOS oscillator offerings.

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Image of Fox Electronics' FQ Series Quartz Crystals

FQ Series Quartz Crystals

Fox Electronics offers a fully RoHS compliant series offering complete pad compatibility with existing ceramic packages.

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Image of Fox Electronics FX122 Tuning Fork Crystal

FX122 Tuning Fork Crystal

Fox Electronics introduces the FX122 tuning fork crystal. It is approximately 33% smaller than previous models, measuring just 2.1 mm x 1.3 mm with a very low profile of 0.6 mm.

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Image of Fox Electronics' NC Series Thru-Hole Tuning Fork

NC Series Thru-Hole Tuning Fork

Fox Electronics offers the NC series thru-hole tuning forks in the NC27LF and NC38LF series which come in two different package sizes.

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