Fanstel Corp.

- Fanstel Corp. delivers certified wireless solutions supporting security. They offer Bluetooth®, Thread, and Zigbee® modules, as well as IoT gateways to connect to the cloud. Their superior antenna circuit enables the longest Bluetooth 5 connection, with a range up to 1350 meters or 4400 feet at 1 Mbps data rate. Most modules have a compatible footprint. They can be used on a host board to meet range, features, and cost target of an individual product in a series.

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BT832 Low-Cost Bluetooth® 5 Module

Fanstel’s BT832 Bluetooth® 5 module is for low-cost and short range (up to 100 meters) applications. Learn More

BT832F Long Range Bluetooth® 5 Module

Fanstel’s BT832F long range module has a Bluetooth® range of 760 meters at 1 Mbps with 7.5 mA peak current consumption. Learn More

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