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Encoder Products Company

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Image of Encoder Products' Incremental Encoders

Incremental Encoders

EPC's incremental encoders provide position information for a rotating shaft by producing a continuous series of pulses.

Image of Encoder Products' Linear Measurement Solution Encoders

Linear Measurement Solution Encoders

EPC's rotary encoders generally provide feedback for rotary motion.

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About Encoder Products Company

At Encoder Products Company (EPC), we specialize in the encoders that provide you with motion feedback. Our Accu-Coder™, Accu-CoderPro™, and Tru-Trac™ encoders come with an industry-leading three year warranty. Our standard delivery is just 4 - 6 days, we even offer over-night expedite options on many models. EPC’s corporate headquarters is right here in the US, housed in our vertically-integrated, 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sagle, Idaho. When you choose EPC encoders, you're choosing quality and reliability. Order your motion feedback devices from us today.