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EMAC, Inc.

Image of EMAC's DEV-IOT6U Development Kit

DEV-IOT6U Industrial IoT Development Kit Arm® CPU

Designed and manufactured in the USA, EMAC's DEV-IOT6U kit is an ideal IoT development starting point.

Image of EMAC's CutiPy™ Industrial IoT MCU

CutiPy™ Industrial IoT MCU

EMAC's CutiPy industrial IoT microcontroller (MCU) is designed to simplify connecting devices and machines to systems in industrial settings.

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About EMAC, Inc.

EMAC, Inc. (Equipment Monitor And Control) provides off-the-shelf and custom turnkey OEM embedded products applying the latest technologies.  Some of these technologies include sensors, Bluetooth LE, WiFi, Audio & video streaming, FPGA, RFID and many more.  EMAC is experienced with hardware & software design, GUI interfaces, real time solutions, Windows embedded, custom drivers, application development and support.  EMAC’s expansive knowledge in designing, manufacturing, integration and distribution for Single board computers (SBCs), system on modules (SoMs) and carrier boards, industrial panel PC’s (PPCs), embedded servers as well as custom solutions for the embedded marketplace has continued to grow since 1985.  They believe their success depends on customer satisfaction and creating a rewarding environment to work in, which they continually strive to grow and improve upon to meet and exceed customer requirements.