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ECS Inc. International

Image of ECS' ECS-2520MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator

Frequency Control Products

Timing products consisting of Crystals, Oscillators, VCXOs, TXCOs & OCXOs - timing and synchronization for today’s IoT, Wearable, Medical, Industrial, and many other applications.

Image of ECS' ECS-MPI2520 Miniature Power Inductors


Full line of Power Inductors, also known as Chokes - small form factor shielded Inductors offer the highest performance for your IoT, Laptops, Hand held, and portable devices.

Image of ECS' Multi-Volt Oscillators

MultiVolt™ Oscillators

One part that serves multiple platforms for your design. The ECS MultiVolt™ Oscillators are available in industry standard packages. They can operate across the usable battery supply of 1.6 ~ 3.6 VDC or in a static supply voltage application.

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MultiVolt™ Oscillator Products
This presentation will introduce ECS Incorporated's MultiVolt™ Oscillator products.
5 minutes
Automotive Grade Crystals and Oscillators
ECS's AEC-Q200 qualified products are ideal for automotive, industrial, medical, and municipality applications.
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Small Form Factor Power Inductor Portfolio
This presentation will go over ECS' offering of inductor products.
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Monolithic Crystal Filters
Monolithic crystal filters offer a lower cost and overall smaller package solution compared to a discrete filter network.
5 minutes
Miniature CSM-3X and HC-46X Series Crystals
CSM-3X and HC-46X Series Crystals have a smaller design size, are more cost effective, and are highly reliable when compared to competing frequency products.
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About ECS Inc. International

ECS Inc., International was established in 1980 and has grown to become one of the most recognized and dependable manufacturers of frequency control and power management products in the world.

ECS Inc. embodies world class design and engineering teams along with state-of-the-art fabrication sites. Their global business partnerships, marketing, sales professionals, and customer care centers support first class customers and distribution channels around the world.

Their talented team of professionals collaborate daily within a network of technology having its primary focus offering quality solutions for their clients’ applications.

It is their mission at ECS Inc. to service a worldwide customer base with the most technologically advanced, reliable, and cost-effective electronic component solution the world demands today

They are your Electronic Component Solution.