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Electronic Assembly GmbH

- Electronic Assembly markets a broad spectrum of top-quality industrial displays to customers in a number of industries ranging from process automation and machinery manufacturing to IT. A high level of vertical integration enables the company to keep a large portion of the value-add chain in-house. Because Electronic Assembly offers all the familiar advantages of a Mid-tier company, it has the flexibility to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of its customers.


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Image of Electronic Assembly's Multifunctional 5" TFT HMI Panels

Multifunctional 5" TFT HMI Panels

Electronic Assembly’s multifunctional 5" HMI panels with compact TFT color display EA uniTFT050 are specially developed for use in compact medical devices.

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Image of Electronic Assembly's Intelligent EA uniTFT Display Modules

Intelligent EA uniTFT Display Modules

Electronic Assembly's EA uniTFT display modules allow tasks such as modifying, rotating, grouping, and zooming in on objects to be completed on the screen.

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Image of Mikroelektronika's MIKROE-2659 eINK Click Board™

MIKROE-2659 eINK click board™

MikroElektronika’s MIKROE-2659 eINK click board is an adapter for connecting eINK displays with a 24-pin ribbon cable.

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Image of Electronic Assembly's EA DOGXL240-7 Graphics Displays

EA DOGXL240-7 Graphics Displays

Electronic Assembly’s EA DOGXL240-7 has 240 x 128 pixel resolution and comes with a UC1611s controller, graphics RAM, and alternatively with background lighting.

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Image of Electronics Assemblies' EA 9780-3USB and EA DOG Simulators

EA 9780-3USB and EA DOG Simulators

The EA 9780-3USB test board allows a rapid start to be made on development projects involving displays of the EA DOG and EA eLABEL20 lines from Electronic Assembly.

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uniTFT - The film

A film about the control unit EA uniTFT050 by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY. Experience the latest display in action! Smile about our "world improver" and his ideas.

Publish Date: 2017-12-15