Efinix, Inc.

- Efinix is a leader in programmable platforms that accelerate innovations in AI, edge computing, compute acceleration, and custom logic. The company’s core technology is the Quantum programmable fabric, which delivers a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage over traditional FPGAs. Efinix products support a wide range of applications from easy-to-use consumer products to I/O intensive interfaces to complete system solutions.

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T4F81C2 Trion™ FPGA

The T4 FPGA features the high-density, low-power Efinix Quantum™ fabric wrapped with an I/O interface in a small footprint package for easy integration. Learn More

T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit

The Trion™ T8 BGA81 development kit from Efinix is based on the T8 FPGA so that customers can explore the features of this first member of the Trion platform. Learn More

T8F81C2 Trion™ FPGA

The Efinix Trion™ T8 FPGA features Quantum™ fabric wrapped with an I/O interface and has less than 150 µA typical core leakage current at 1.1 V. Learn More

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