E Ink

- Founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the MIT Media Lab, E Ink Corporation is the world-leading developer and provider of electronic paper displays (EPD) to the market.

SURF displays are ultra-low power, thin, and rugged. E Ink's unique reflective display technology is sunlight readable and can display an image even with no power connected to it. This enables engineers and designers to add displays to products where power and space limitations have made it impossible to do so before. Applications for the technology are broad, including a wide variety of consumer electronics, watches, medical devices, industrial gauges, PC-accessories, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, and mobile communications.

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E Ink Quick Start Kit

Kit includes a Renesas MCU board, mini USB cable, sample demo project, 2 standard E Ink segmented displays, guide, and a Windows PC application. Learn More

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