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Data Modul Inc.

Image of Data Modul's easyTOUCH Displays

easyTOUCH Displays

Data Modul's easyTOUCH displays consist of 2mm cover glass, PCAP glass (SITO) screen, full HD display, and PCAP USB controller board.

Image of Data Modul's Displays


Data Modul's product portfolio is comprised of high-quality TFT displays of all the market leaders and convincing value-added solutions.

About Data Modul Inc.

DATA MODUL Inc. is one of the leading providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor, and panel PC solutions for professional applications. We are a leading display distributor with top manufacturers for flat and touch screens. We also offer PCAP touch screens and embedded computer systems. With focus on in-house product development, DATA MODUL Inc. can create and showcase new innovative products. DATA MODUL Inc. maintains ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certifications, adding value to applications for industrial, medical, gaming, robotics, transportation, and maritime.