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Digi-Pas Technologies

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Image of Digi-Pas Technologies' Precision Leveling & Angular Measuring Instrument

Precision Leveling and Angular Measuring Instruments

DWL-80 series is an aesthetic and innovative, pocket-size digital level with a resolution of 0.1°/0.05°. The high quality DWL-80 series is suitable for entry DIY and professional users.

Image of Digi-Pas Technologies' Smart Electronic Lock & Intelligent Access Security System

Smart Electronic Locks and Intelligent Access Security System

Patented eGeeTouch® 3rd generation smart padlock offers a robust and rugged design for outdoor and commercial use (waterproof and freeze-proof features).

About Digi-Pas Technologies

With over a 20-year history, Digi-Pas specializes in research, design, manufacturing and distribution of high performance, affordable measurement and leveling instruments. They are pioneers with patented eGeeTouch® smart padlocks and luggage locks built with cloud-based intelligent management software which has identified a variety of applications in consumer, commercial, industrial and governmental facilities. With expertise and focus on developing core capabilities such as advanced MEMS-driven technology used in their industrial and scientific grade instruments.