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- Desco has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for the control of ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) in industrial and office environments for more than a decade. Desco distributors offer a complete systems approach and will assist you in arranging for complete site surveys and training seminars.


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While the Menda brand is recognized as the standard for one-touch liquid dispensing, their product offering also includes specialty tools for the electronic assembly industry. Learn More

Protektive Pak


Protektive Pak manufactures ESD Packaging solutions including static dissipative corrugated, conductive Plastek products, thermoforming, and ESD foams. Hundreds of standard sizes and styles available. Learn More


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EMIT manufactures ESD control products including Monitors, Ionizers, Testers and Verification equipment and software for ESD Control Plan management. EMIT's products are made in the USA at Desco Industries, Inc. locations. Learn More

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Image of Desco's Menda Clear Glass Dispensers

Menda Glass Dispensers

Desco's 1 oz. clear glass dispensers are designed to decant small amounts of chemicals from heavy bulk containers for everyday use in labs and work spaces.

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Image of Desco PCB Edge Protectors

PCB Edge Protectors

Desco's PCB edge protectors fit over the edge of printed circuit boards to protect against ESD and physical damage.

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Image of Desco's 81705 Series Static Shield Metal-In Bag

81705 Series Static Shield Metal-In Bag

Desco introduces the 81705 series MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2 static shield metal-in bag.

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Image of Desco's Menda Flux Dispensing Bottles

Menda Flux-Dispensing Bottles with Needle Tips

Desco introduces Menda low-density polyethylene (LDPE) durAstatic™ liquid dispensing flux bottles with needle tips.

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Image of Desco's Impact Resistant  Amber Bottles

Menda Impact-Resistant Amber Bottles

Desco introduces their Menda impact resistant amber bottles for improved handling, filling, and transporting of liquids and chemicals.

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Image of Desco's MENDA Conductive and Dissipative ESD Brushes

Menda Conductive and Dissipative ESD Brushes

Desco's ESD brushes are ideal for removing dust, dirt, and leftover materials from printed circuit boards (PCB) and other static sensitive components.

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Why Use Ionizers

Three Reasons for Ionization

Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

Desco's Digital compliance verification Surface Resistance Meter Kit measures resistance point-to-point (Rtt) or surface to ground (Rtg) of work surfaces, flooring systems, garments, packaging, and other materials in accordance with ESD Association.

ESD Control Liquid Mixing

A video showing the Desco ESD Control Liquid Mixing process. Desco manufacturers their own ESD Control floor maintenance products and every batch is tested to ensure it meets the correct specifications.

Digital Static Field Meter / Ion Test Kit

Use the Desco Digital Static Field Meter to measure, control, and verify

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