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Whisker.IO Commercial Gateway

The Whisker.IO Commercial Gateway is a linux-based bridge that connects Whisker.IO devices to the cloud. It is completely transparent and, like the SensorBlocks™, is designed to be “fire and forget” because it requires zero on-site configuration or maintenance. Our gateways can connect to the internet using Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Installing an Ethernet gateway is as simple as plugging in an Ethernet and power cable. Within a few minutes of application of power, the gateway will be ready to communicate. The Wi-Fi version of the gateway does need to be provisioned to use the desired wireless router. The cellular version requires only power; the cellular internet connection is automatic when power is applied.

Once the gateway is active, it will begin communicating with all in-range SensorBlocks, forwarding any received messages to the cloud. Our cloud portal provides tools to manage all devices, visualize device data, and perform analytics on recorded historical data. Alerts can be defined that will send text messages and emails when certain conditions are met.

For customers that prefer to use a 3rd party IoT application or platform, such as Amazon’s AWS, our solution can push data to any MQTT broker or REST API end-point.

Image of Whisker.IO Commercial Gateway


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