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Nidec Copal Electronics

Image of Nidec Copal's TF Series Micro-Blowers

TF Series Micro-Blowers, Kits, and Drivers

Nidec Copal Electronics' TF series micro-blowers are compact and lightweight, and they are able to create a high static pressure.

Image of Nidec Copal's WL10 Series Liquid Leak Sensor

WL10 Series Liquid Leak Sensors

Nidec Copal Electronics' WL10 series liquid leak sensors are designed for applications that include semiconductor, industrial, and pneumatic equipment.

Image of Nidec-Copal's SM-3/31 Series

SM-3/31 Series Surface Mount Cermet Trimmers

Nidec Copal Electronics' SM-3/31 series 3 mm cermet trimmers are ideal in applications where board space is limited and are available in 11 turn and 5 turn models.

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Slide Switch
From miniature to standard size switches, logic level PC mount to 25A power rated, PC Mount and panel mount, Copal Electronics has a slide switch to meet your needs.
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Pushbutton Switch
From miniature to standard size switches, Copal Electronics has a wide variety of pushbutton switches to choose from.
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Digital Manometers
The PG-100 and PG-100N series are used to measure pressure of pneumatic systems and are ideal for inspection and calibration of pneumatic equipment.
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Trimmer Potentiometer
Features of cermet trimmer potentiometers including uses, applications and advantages.
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DC Geared Motors
Overview of the basic structures, mechanisms, features, and possible applications of DC geared motors from Copal.
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JT22 and JT30 Optical Potentiometers
An introduction of Copal's JT22 and JT30 series of optical potentiometers, including their features and possible applications.
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About Nidec Copal Electronics

Nidec Copal Electronics, founded in 1967 and a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation, is a global supplier to the telecommunications, computer, industrial, medical, and semiconductor equipment markets. Products designed and manufactured for these markets include trimmer and precision potentiometers, switches, optical encoders, and DC fans. Copal has also expanded its new product development activity into areas including silicon pressure sensors, polygon laser scanners, DC turbo fans, and thermal variable attenuators.