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Crowd Supply

- Crowd Supply is a full-service storefront and crowdfunding platform for new, cutting-edge hardware and manufactured goods. Crowd Supply is a two-sided, worldwide marketplace that has helped hundreds of creators launch, fund, ship, and continue to sell their original products. With offices and warehouses in Portland, Oregon, Crowd Supply accepts projects and sells products around the world. Crowd Supply was founded by MIT graduates to enable engineers and product designers to go from early prototypes to delivery of final products to actual customers. Every project ever funded on Crowd Supply has delivered product to its backers.

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Image of Crowd Supply's Neosegment Digit

Neosegment Digit Seven-Segment Display

Crowd Supply's Neosegment Digit is a modular, open source RGB seven-segment display that simplifies displaying numeric information.

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Image of Crowd Supply EspoTek Labrador Open Source Lab-on-a-Board

EspoTek Labrador Open Source Lab-on-a-Board

Brought to fruition through Crowd Supply, the Labrador, created by EspoTek, features dedicated outputs for each of the five on-board tools.

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Image of Crowd Supply's snickerdoodle Zynq™-7000 Prototype-to-Production Platform

snickerdoodle Zynq™-7000 Prototype-to-Production Platform

snickerdoodle, developed by krtkl and provided by Crowd Supply, is suitable for developers in a variety of fields, including robotics, A/V, AI, IoT, and others.

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Crowd Supply Aeroscope Oscilloscope | Maker Minute

The Aeroscope is small enough to fit inside mobile systems and take measurements as they are used, such as monitoring a drone signal while flying.

Publish Date: 2018-01-18

Maker Faire 2017 Interview with Crowd Supply

Digi-Key interviews Crowd Supply CEO Josh Lifton. Crowd Supply's mission is to bring original, useful, respectful hardware to life.

Publish Date: 2017-10-06

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