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- Cosel Co Ltd is a major worldwide manufacturer of off the shelf switch mode power supplies and EMI Filters since 1969. Using state of the art designs and cutting edge technology Cosel offers smaller high efficiency products in AC/DC and DC/DC for Medical and ITE applications. AC/DC products range from 3W to 10KW in board level, open frame, DIN Rail, Modular and enclosed versions.


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GMA300 Series 300 W Medical AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel's GMA300 is ideal for medical, ITE, and industrial equipment requiring a small size, high power density AC/DC supply. Learn More

PCA Series 600 W AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel’s PCA series is a high efficiency, extremely small, digital assisted 600 W AC/DC power supply. Learn More

GHA Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Cosel’s GHA Series is compact AC/DC power Supply with Medical and ITE safety approvals. Learn More

MG Series DC/DC Converters

Cosel's MG Series is a line of small DC/DC converters with high efficiency available in 1.5 W to 30 W. Learn More

TUNS Series AC/DC Converters

Cosel’s TUNS series AC/DC converters are ideal for small space, low profile designs and come in power levels from 50 W to 700 W. Learn More

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EMI Filters Can Solve Many Problems

Cosel EMI Filters provide a high degree of attenuation in single and dual stage filters. Selecting the correct EMI Filter only requires the understanding of the total amps, frequencies to be attenuated, and how much leakage current can be accepted. Cosel can assist in the selection but here are some basics on EMI Filters. Learn More

Image of Cosel's Switch Mode Power Supplies

Basics of Switch Mode Power Supplies

Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) offer higher efficiency and smaller footprints than linear power supplies. Additional features such as universal AC input, power factor correction and high reliability makes SMPS more desirable than linear power supplies. Learn More

Image of Cosel's Power Modules Application Manual

Power Modules Application Manual

Cosel offers an application manual for power modules. Power modules offer high power density with high operating temperatures. Power modules are ideal for small space high temperature applications or when the system is installed in an unvented enclosure. Learn More

Image of Cosel's PBA ACE Modular Series

PBA and ACE Modular Series Has Many Versatile Uses

The Cosel PBA and ACE Modular series can be used for a variety of applications. Constant current, remote On/Off, redundancy, parallel operation, and many other operations can be achieved with these 2 series. Learn More

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Cosel Power Supplies

Short overview video to the Cosel company and products. AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters & EMI Filters.

Cosel Company Video

Short overview video to the Cosel company and products.

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