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- Cantherm has been serving clients in the USA , Canada, and the Asian Markets since 1978, supplying high-quality bimetal and thermal sensor products to leading companies for the following applications: Transformer Coils, Motor Protectors, Small Appliances, Heaters - Fan or Radiant, Humidifiers, Automotive, Ballasts, Power Supplies.

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Image of Cantherm's R53 Series Bimetal Cutouts

R53 Series Bimetal Cutouts

A versatile and inexpensive solution for thermal control in a wide variety of applications

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Image of Cantherm's T22 High Power Thermostats

T22 High Power Thermostats

Operate by a thermally sensitive snap-element which switches a double electrical contact when reaching a pre-set response temperature.

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Image of Cantherm's L50 Thermal Cut-Offs

L50 Thermal Cut-offs

L50 Thermal Cut-offs are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electrical products.

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Product Training Modules View All (2)

Disc Bimetallic Thermostats

Disc Bimetallic Thermostats

Duration: 10 minutes

Simple, easy to use, and cost effective Disc Bimetal Thermostats from Cantherm that convert a temperature change to an electrical switch.

Thermal Cutoffs

TCO Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

Prevent fires caused by circuit heat generation and other heat producing products with non-resettable TCOs from Cantherm.

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