Breadware, Inc.

- Breadware, Inc. is an electrical engineering consulting company that has developed a product that helps people quickly build fully functional electronic prototypes. Breadware is a scalable, approachable, and useful device prototyping platform that enables entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and businesses to rapidly create and iterate prototype development, and technical product specifications, then connect with ODM and manufacturing partners. Breadware, Inc. launched in November 2015 with the vision of making the electronics design process economically viable and accessible to all.

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Mega-B IoT Development Kit

Breadware's Mega-B development kit is a Bluetooth® LE 4.2 prototyping kit for quickly building and testing the user's IoT concept. Learn More

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Breadware Mega-B Development Kit | Digi-Key Daily

The Breadware Mega-B Development Kit is an Arduino shield that can accommodate multiple Breadware modules and has a Microchip RN4871 BLE module for communication.

The Breadware ToolKit - How to Build an IoT Prototype

Join the IoT maker and entrepreneur communities in a revolutionary movement to reform the traditional prototyping process with Breadware, a new abstracted prototyping toolkit.

Breadware Inc at Get Launched Santa Barbara

Watch how SweetSpot™ powered By ArthroKinetic Institute was developed through Breadware, a rapid prototyping toolkit built to take the risk out of hardware development.

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