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Band Solutions, LLC

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Image of Band Solutions' BA100 EMI/RFI Termination Clamps

BA100 1/4" EMI/RFI Termination Clamps

Band Solutions' BA100 1/4-inch EMI/RFI termination clamps provide an economical way to secure protective coverings over wire harnesses.

Image of Band Solutions' BA311 1/8" Micro Bands

BA311 1/8" Micro Bands

Band Solutions' BA311 1/8-inch micro bands work great for protective sleeves that are being installed on small connectors.

Image of Band Solutions' Shield-Dex Clamps

Shield-Dex Clamps

Band Solutions' Shield-Dex clamps are designed with bullet nose tips for ease in coiling and feeding into tools for installation.

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About Band Solutions, LLC

Band Solutions, LLC is a small start-up manufacturing company with big ideas on how to change the installation process for EMI/RFI termination clamps. They have over 17 years invested in clamp sales and manufacturing prior to the development and implementation into their own methodologies of manufacturing and management.  One of their main goals is to develop battery-powered installation tools for 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch clamps to improve the installation time and process.