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B+B SmartWorx, Inc.

- B+B SmartWorx has engineered and manufactured rugged, reliable, wired & wireless, M2M connectivity products since 1981. With a legacy of over 3,000,000 wired M2M connections, 500,000 wireless M2M connections and 400,000 connected vehicles, B+B equipment already enables millions of M2M solutions.

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Image of B+B SmartWorx's USH304 USH Gateway Hub

USH304 USB Gateway Hub

USH304 is a 4-port isolated 3.0 USB hub from B+B SmartWorx offering 2,500 VDC voltage isolation for upstream ports and four downstream USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports.

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Image of B+B SmartWorx SE400 Series Multi-Port eWorx Ethernet

SE400 Series Multi-Port eWorx Ethernet

There is a need within harsh, wide temperature environment applications for an Ethernet switch designed with ruggedized, industrial features.

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Image of B&B SmartWorx's SmartStart LTE Industrial Routers

SmartStart™ LTE Industrial Routers

B+B SmartWorx's SmartStart LTE industrial routers are a low cost solution for getting Ethernet and RS-232 applications connected to a cellular network.

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Image of B+B SmartWorx's SmartFlex Cellular Routers

SmartFlex Cellular Routers

B+B SmartWorx offers the SmartFlex cellular router series in order to offer the ability for customers to customize exactly how they would like to utilize a cellular network to provide secure internet connectivity for devices and LANs.

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Image of B+B SmartWorx's eWorx SE200 Series Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

eWorx SE200 Series Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

With no setup required, Advantech B+B SmartWorx unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are cost-effective, UL-certified, plug-and-play devices.

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Image of B+B SmartWorx's eWorx SE300 Series Switches

eWorx SE300 Series Switches

B+B SmartWorx's SE300 series is an industry design for Ethernet Green®, IEEE 802.3az energy efficient Ethernet switches that cut power usage by up to 60%.

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Discover an enhanced and efficient way of managing industrial networks

LXM technology is an enhanced and efficient way of managing industrial networks. It also is embedded into e/worx Managed Switch.

B+B SmartWorx Powered by Advantech Introduction

B&B SmartWorx is now Advantech B&B SmartWorx working to enable intelligent planet.

Wzzard Wireless Smart Sensing Platform

This video is a brief overview on the Wzzard Wireless Smart Sensing platform. Connects to virtually any standard sensor, use to only publish data that has overall value.

Condition Based Monitoring for Industrial Systems

An aggregate producer wanted a Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) system that could monitor the motors in real time and apply data analytics to detect changes in motor behavior before they developed into major problems.

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