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B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH

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Image of B+B Thermo Technik's Brightness Sensor

Brightness Sensor 1.000-100.000 Lux with Measuring Transducer 0...10 V

The brightness sensor is a light sensor for e.g. building automations.

Image of B+B Thermo Technik's Cable Probes Pt100 FEP/Sil

Cable Probes Pt100 FEP/Sil

Measure temp in liquid/gaseous media. Heating, A/C technology and building automation.

Image of B+B Thermo Technik's Temperature Probe with Connection Head MA

Temperature Probe with Connection Head MA

Resistance thermometers with metallic protection tube for temp measurements in liquid/gaseous media.

Image of B+B Thermo Technik's Penetration Temperature Probe

Penetration Temperature Probe with Slanted Penetration Tip

Construction of these robust penetration probes makes them ideal for control of cooking/baking processes.

Image of B+B Thermo Technik's Leakage Detection Probe

Leakage Detector Probe with Potentialfree Voltage Output 24V

Detects water accumulation reliably. Water damages can be located just in time.

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About B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH

B+B Thermo-Technik is developing and producing innovative product and industry solutions with the highest quality standards. They benefit from their many years of experience and know-how in all areas of temperature, humidity and pressure measurement. From here the quality products are sold worldwide. With the latest research, development and production technologies they also offer customers the service of test certificates and DAkkS calibration certificates.