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Alpenglow Industries

Image of Alpenglow Industries' PCB Ruler

PCB Ruler

Handy references for transistor and diode footprints, including a cross-reference of every common name for each.

Image of Alpenglow Industries' The SwitchTrick

The SwitchTrick

A tricked-out switching power supply compatible with solderless breadboards. Output selectable from several common rails.

Image of Alpenglow Industries' I Voted Badges

I Voted Badges

If you've ever thought that the stickers should be reusable and also have blinking lights, then check out PCB badges.

About Alpenglow Industries

Alpenglow Industries makes useful, fun, and irreverent electronics. We are shattering stereotypes that electronics are boring, hard to learn, and the sole dominion of nerdy dudes. We especially reach out to and encourage women, because we've heard too many wish that they had taken more engineering courses in college, and think that they've missed their opportunity. Well, it's never to late to learn a new skill! We love beginners and n00bs, and hope we can spread our stupid excitement about blinking lights and encourage you to pick up a new hobby or life skill.