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Image of Aimtec's AM1LS-0505SJZ

AM1LS-NZ/-JZ DC/DC Converters

Aimtec's AM1LS-NZ and AM1LS-JZ 1W DC/DC converters are part of their low-power win models bringing the heat to discrete solutions.

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About Aimtec

Building success on innovation, quality and service, Aimtec designs and manufactures modular AC/DC and DC/DC switching power supplies.  Manufactured under quality processes and worldwide standards, Aimtec’s converters provide exceptional performance and reliability.  Aimtec’s standard product lines include DC to DC converters up to 200W and AC to DC converters and LED drivers reaching up to 250W.  Their services assist customers worldwide helping them reduce engineering design time and expenses while providing performance enhancements in their end products.