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Connected Cellular BeagleBone IoT Dev Kit | Digi-Key Daily
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5 minutes
Anatomy of an Internet of Things Solution
This module covers the four basic modules found in IoT devices.
5 minutes
Internet of Things Network Options
This presentation will provide an overview of the industry and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as discuss IoT applications categories and connectivity options.
20 minutes
Communications Building an IoT Solution
Building an IoT application will be successful if traditional product development practices are followed
5 minutes
The Internet of Things - What is the IoT - Part 1 of 2
Learn about many examples of IoT innovation across multiple sectors and the impact IoT is going to have across the globe in the years to come
5 minutes
The Internet of Things – What is the IoT – Part 2 of 2
The Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communications have many things in common including remote device access
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About Aeris

Aeris is a leader and pioneer in the IoT and M2M industry. Aeris’ network connectivity offering has been tailored specifically to work with the Internet of Things, helping reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency when deploying and managing your devices. Through the NEO platform, customers are able to reduce the time, cost and hassle of obtaining and operating connectivity. With its online Connectivity Management Platform, you can easily activate SIMs, monitor activity, track usage and manage alerts.