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- Headquartered in the USA, is a leading global manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, and customized interconnects. It offers total interconnect solutions, which include standard commodity products, high-speed, high-density, spring-loaded, fine-pitch, and harsh environment interconnects. Its innovative connector designs and patented automated manufacturing capabilities allow it to be a cost leader while maintaining the highest levels of quality in a wide range of applications. Application-specific products and custom solutions are its specialties. Adam Tech is ready to meet customers' specific requirements and the world's ever-changing interconnect challenges.

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SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Card Connectors

Adam Tech's SIM Card Connector series low profile connectors provide the necessary gateway between SIM cards and mobile devices. Learn More

USB-A Over USB-C® Combo Connectors

Adam Tech's USB-A over USB-C® combo connectors' dual-port design minimizes the space required to house two USB ports. Learn More

IP Rated Audio Jacks and DC Power Jacks

Adam Tech's IP rated audio and DC power jacks offer a range of IP rated solutions for different audio and power applications. Learn More

IDC M12 Connectors X-code

Adam Tech's IDC M12 connectors offer a waterproof solution capable of interfacing with RJ45 signal at 10 Gbps. Learn More

Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pins

Adam Tech's spring-loaded connectors and pins are used in many industries across a wide range of applications to make a secure, high-reliability connection. Learn More


Adam Tech fuseholders contain molded grooves on the exterior intended to allow multiple fuseholders to be stacked together with external wires mounted on clips. Learn More

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