- Created in 2015, Ampleon is shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership. Recently being spun-off from NXP Semiconductors, the company is set-out to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Ampleon has more than 1700 employees worldwide, dedicated to creating optimal value for customers. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications, such as cellular base stations, radio/TV/broadcasting, radar, air traffic control, cooking, lighting, industrial lasers and medical.

The NXP RF Power Division’s product portfolio ( RF Amplifiers, RF MOSFETs) has been transferred to Ampleon (October 5, 2105).

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BLF183XR Power LDMOS Transistor

The BLF183XR is the latest member of Ampleon's state-of-the-art XR family of extremely rugged RF power transistors for the roughest environments. Learn More

BLL8Hxx Family RF Power Transistors

Ampleon offers their BLL8Hxx family of RF power transistors from its 8th generation 50 V LDMOS technology to serve L-band radar applications. Learn More

LDMOS RF Power Transistors

Ampleon's 50 V XR LDMOS RF power transistors provide unsurpassed ruggedness under real-world conditions. Learn More

Broadband Power LDMOS Transistor

The BLF645 from Ampleon is a 100 W LDMOS RF power push-pull transistor developed with broadcast and ISM applications in mind. Learn More

BLF Series UHF/DVB-T Transistors

Ampleon's family of transistors delivers up to one octave wideband operation combined with field-proven ruggedness, efficiency, and linearity. Learn More

BLF7G24L Power LDMOS Transistor

Designed for LTE basestations, Ampleon's highly DPD-friendly transistors have excellent thermal stability and cover the entire frequency range. Learn More

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'Sparky' vs. eXtremely Rugged LDMOS (BLF188XR, BLF184XR)

Scott Blum, NXP Semiconductors, introduces the newest members of popular XR family of "eXtremely Rugged" LDMOS RF power transistors

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