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Alpha Wire

- Alpha Wire designs and manufactures wire, cable, tubing, and accessories for a broad range of applications and markets to help customers solve critical production and manufacturing challenges. Combining the highest quality with legendary customer service, Alpha products mean peace of mind. Alpha Wire’s flagship line of Xtra-Guard® High-Performance cables offer superior performance in demanding environments, while the new EcoGen™ product line offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC wire and cable. Alpha FIT® line of heat-shrink tubing and wire management offers reliable ways to seal and protect electrical and electronic wiring. With 12 product families encompassing more than 50,000 products available worldwide, Alpha is dedicated to providing the right product for every application.

Featured Products

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Coast Custom Cables

Alpha Wire offers Coast customizable wires and cables to meet all of your application quality, cost, and design objectives. Get a quote today at Digi-Key! Learn More

Image of Alpha Wire's EcoCable® Mini Cable

EcoCable® Mini Cable

Small just got mini. Introducing EcoCable Mini, AlphaWire’s completely recyclable high-performance cable, which is the smallest and lightest to date. Learn More

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Xtra-Guard® Flexible Cable (PVC and PUR Jacket)

Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard® flexible cables meet a wide range of flexing needs, from light flexing to continuous multi-axis flexing.

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Image of Alpha Wire’s NPT and PG Thread Type Metal Cable Glands

NPT and PG Thread Type Metal Cable Glands

Alpha Wire’s brass, nickel-plated cable glands provide a premium solution in cable strain relief in harsh environmental factors.

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Image of Alpha Wire's Black Cable Glands

Black Cable Glands

Alpha Wire's black cable glands provide protection and premium cable strain relief against environmental factors such as flame and dust.

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Image of Alpha Wire Metric and PG Threaded Sealing Hole Plugs

Metric and PG Threaded Sealing Hole Plugs

Alpha Wire’s hole plugs are a great solution for providing premium protection against environmental factors such as dust for a wide range of industries.

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Image of Alpha Wire's Standard Threaded and Spiral Cable Glands

Standard Threaded and Spiral Cable Glands

Alpha Wire's standard threaded and spiral cable glands are dust-, dirt-, and sand-resistant, and watertight for protection against harsh environments.

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Image of Alpha Wire's Industrial Ethernet Collection

Industrial Ethernet Collection

Alpha Wire expands its Alpha Essentials collection with 10 industrial Ethernet products are ideal for meeting the harshest environmental conditions.

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Product Training Modules View All (5)

Image of Alpha Wire's ThermoThin hook-up wire

ThermoThin Hook-up Wire

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the ThermoThin hook-up wire product line from Alpha Wire, including a discussion of the advantages of ThermoThin and its ideal markets.

Image of Alpha Wire Coast Custom Cable

Coast™ Custom Cable Capabilities

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will provide an overview of Coast custom cable capabilities, including the sizes and types of custom constructions available and their ideal markets.

MPPE Insulation

Miniaturizing Wire and Cable Components with MPPE Insulation

Duration: 10 minutes

MPPE is cost friendly, lighter, higher performing, and stronger electrically and physically when compared to PVC, creating new possibilities of the use of MPPE.

Wire and Cable

Basics of Wire and Cable

Duration: 15 minutes

Electrical and physical characteristics of wire insulation and jackets which effect cable performance and should be considered when choosing cable.

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Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard® Flexible Cable | Digi-Key Daily

Xtra-Guard flexible cables from Alpha Wire meet a wide range of flexing needs, from light flexing to continuous multi-axis flexing.

Publish Date: 2018-10-01

Xtra Guard 1 and Xtra Guard 2 Communication and Control Cables

Alpha Wire's Xtra-Guard product family features high performance cables built for rugged environments. Built to withstand the elements, these cables are made to last longer and in the most demanding applications.

Publish Date: 2018-09-06

Alpha Wire’s ThermoThin High Temperature Hook-Up Wire

Alpha Wire's ThermoThin 600 V hook-up wire is the latest in wire and cable technology. Featuring an ECA fluoropolymer insulation, ThermoThin is built to handle extreme temperatures while also providing outstanding elemental and chemical resistance.

Publish Date: 2018-09-06

Xtra-Guard® Flex

Alpha Wire has expanded its Xtra-Guard product family by adding new gauge sizes to its 65000, 85000, and 86000 flex series.

Publish Date: 2018-09-06

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