Alliance Memory, Inc.

- Alliance Memory, Inc. is a worldwide provider of LEGACY memory products for the communications, computing, industrial and consumer markets. The company supports a full range of 3.3 V and 5 V Asynchronous SRAMs used with mainstream digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers; synchronous SRAMS, low-power SRAMs and ZMD low-power SRAMs. Alliance Memory also offers Synchronous DRAMs (SDR),DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 products.


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AS4C128M16D2 High-Speed CMOS DDR2 SDRAM

Alliance Memory's AS4C128M16D2, high-speed, CMOS double-data-rate 2 synchronous DDR2 SDRAM features a high 2 Gb density in an 84-ball, FBGA package. Learn More

AS4CxM16D1 High-Speed CMOS DDR1 SDRAMs

Alliance Memory's AS4CxM16D1 high-speed CMOS double data rate synchronous DRAMs feature densities of 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256 Mb, and 512 Mb, respectively. Learn More

AS4C8M16S-7BCN and AS4C16M16S-7BCN High-Speed CMOS SDRAMs

Alliance Memory's AS4C8M16S-7BCN and AS4C16M16S-7BCN high-speed CMOS synchronous DRAMs features densities of 128 MB and 256 MB, respectively. Learn More

AS4C512M16D3L High-Speed, Low-Voltage CMOS DDR3L SDRAM

Alliance Memory's AS4C512M16D3L monolithic high-speed, low-voltage CMOS double data rate 3 synchronous DRAM features lead (Pb)-free FBGA package. Learn More

AS6C3216 High-Density, Low-Power 32 M CMOS SRAM

Alliance Memory's AS6C3216 is a 33,554,432-bit low power CMOS static random access memory organized as 2,097,152 words x 16 bits or 4,194,304 words x 8 bits. Learn More

High-Speed CMOS SDRAMs

Alliance Memory's extends its 64M and 128M lines of with the 2M x 32 AS4C2M32S and 4M x 32 AS4C4M32S high-speed CMOS synchronous DRAMs (SDRAM). Learn More