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More and more cities around the world are transitioning towards being called “Smart Cities.” These cities are integrating sensors and various monitoring devices through a network, typically the internet, in an effort to optimize city operation and service efficiency along with improving their interface with citizens directly. The data that is collected can be analyzed to manage many municipal assets such as power plants, water and sewage systems, traffic and transportation systems, and many other community services. In essence, smart cities use the IoT to collect data and analyze it in order to directly interact with city infrastructure and to monitor real-time city assets and community evolution in order to improve operating efficiency and to proactively react to potential problems before they arise.

Market Ready Solutions

Monnit Remote Real Estate Monitoring Kit

Monnit Remote Real Estate Monitoring Kit

Monitoring commercial properties efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. In large and small commercial operations there's plenty to worry about without having to spend time and money to manually monitor areas of a building that could be remotely monitored by sensors. Monnit has developed a wireless sensor solution for commercial property management and facilities that can help monitor and maintain proper operation of your building systems and will alert you of any issues in real-time.