Digi-Key presents: City Digital

Digi-Key and Supplyframe present a three-part series highlighting some of the most advanced cities in the world, to discover how the latest technology and innovations in public safety combine to reshape the way people work, commute and live in the smart cities of the modern era.

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Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 1 :
The Road to Smart Cities

In our first episode of City Digital, we explore the ways technology is transforming every aspect of city living, from autonomous deliveries to the roads they operate on. We sit down with multiple experts in the fields of e-Mobility and IoT to learn more about the components and hardware at the core of these technological innovations.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 2 :
Powering Smart Cities

In our second episode, we look at the role of renewable energy as a secondary or supplemental source of electricity for small towns stepping into a smarter future. From floating solar panels, to innovations in battery technology and energy management, join us as we seek out solutions for growing energy needs that are both reliable and sustainable.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 3 :
A Return to Smart Cities

As workers return to the office, a renewed focus on building confidence around public health will define smarter workspaces. Through the use of high-efficiency building management and unique safety solutions, businesses can ensure clean and productive workspaces for their employees as they return to work in the next normal.

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