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gecko Introduction to Wireless Gecko Updated: 2017-06-16

Introduction to a platform for IoT solutions needing Mesh, Bluetooth, or Proprietary wireless protocols

Duration: 5 minutes
USB CP2130 USB-to-SPI Bridge Publish Date: 2014-02-12

The CP2130 provides key features which aim to reduce cost, simplify design, and shorten development time.

Duration: 15 minutes
Si826x Si826x LED Emulator Gate Drivers Publish Date: 2013-06-18

Features improved reliability and enhanced performance; see the four package types and options available for this easy to use, opto-driver drop in replacement.

Duration: 5 minutes
Si7005 Si7005 Temperature/Humidity Sensor IC Publish Date: 2013-05-03

A low power, small sized IC that minimizes design challenges commonly found with other RH sensors.

Duration: 10 minutes
Si4355 EZRadio® Overview Publish Date: 2012-09-26

EZRadio® products simplify RF design and reduce design risk through their easy, fast, and low risk setup and excellent long range and out-of-band performance.

Duration: 5 minutes
SiM3U1xx Precision32™ ARM Cortex®-M3 MCU Introduction Publish Date: 2012-07-12

The Precision32 family of microcontrollers provide fundamental advantages over the competition at a lower total solution cost.

Duration: 15 minutes
C8051F99x QuickSense™ C8051F990 Low Power MCU with Capacitive Sensing Publish Date: 2012-05-16

Silicon Lab's F990 component, which adds up to fourteen capacitive touch sensing channels and features low power capacitive sensing, increasing performance.

Duration: 35 minutes
Si1000 Si100x/1x ISM Transceiver Family Publish Date: 2012-05-16

Discussion of the Si100x/1x ISM Transceiver Family and its benefits that include extended battery life, high RF performance, and improved voltage regulation.

Duration: 20 minutes
USB Protocol Products USB Protocol Products - USBXpress Publish Date: 2011-12-09

Learn about USB terminology, topology, and benefits and become familiar with Silicon Lab's USB product line.

Duration: 30 minutes
C8051T62x/32x One Time Programmable USB MCUs Publish Date: 2011-06-02

Silicon Lab's USB solutions are designed to reduce cost, simplify design, and shorten development time with fast analog times and USB crystal-less capabilities.

Duration: 20 minutes
C8051F9xx C8051F38X USB MCU Publish Date: 2011-06-01

A look at the C8051F38x family, which features 12 USB flash-based devices containing 64K or 32K flash memory and 4K or 2K of RAM memory.

Duration: 10 minutes
LCD Controller CP240x LCD Driver Family Publish Date: 2011-05-13

Designed for low power. Pair with the C8051F9xx MCU, and the combined solution offers one of the industry's lowers power solutions for LCD applications.

Duration: 20 minutes
CP21xx CP21xx USB Bridge Publish Date: 2011-02-28

USB crystal-less operation, in-system programming memory, small size, and complete development ecosystem, makes this portfolio untouchable to it's competitors.

Duration: 15 minutes
Si1120 Si1102 & Si1120 Publish Date: 2011-02-14

High performance and sensitivity infrared photodiode with a range of up to 50cm and innovative single pulse proximity sensor resistant to flicker.

Duration: 20 minutes
Synchronous Serial Serial Communication Overview Publish Date: 2011-02-07

How protocol is implemented, register involvement in initializing/during Tx/Rx, baud rate generation, and solutions from Silicon Labs.

Duration: 15 minutes
C8051F9xx C8051F9xx Lower Power MCUs Publish Date: 2011-01-25

The C8051F9xx family's features like low active and sleep mode current and fast wake up times, make it a low power and power efficient MCU.

Duration: 10 minutes