Platinum Thin Film Surface Mount Temperature Sensor (PTS)


In this module, users will learn about the features, benefits, and some of the many applications best suited for the PTS Sensor. The technical specifications along with the production, quality, assembly, and approval processes will be outlined. This training module will also illustrate the functional performance of the PTS and provide test results confirming why it is considered one of the most stable and accurate passive temperature sensors in the market.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance @ 0°CResistance ToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
PTS060301B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0603PTS060301B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0603100 Ohms±1%32516 - Immediate
PTS060301B100RP100 product page link
PTS080501B500RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 0805PTS080501B500RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 0805500 Ohms±0.06%11033 - Immediate
PTS080501B500RP100 product page link
PTS120601B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 1206PTS120601B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 1206100 Ohms±1%9900 - Immediate
PTS120601B100RP100 product page link
PTS120601B1K00P100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 1.0K OHM 1206PTS120601B1K00P100TEMP SENSOR RTD 1.0K OHM 12061 kOhms±1%315 - Immediate
PTS120601B1K00P100 product page link
PTS080501B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0805PTS080501B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0805100 Ohms±1%0PTS080501B100RP100 product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-01-16