PCI Express

PCI Express Basics

Texas Instruments

This tutorial provides a brief overview of PCI Express and its advantages moving forward for higher-speed data transmission. This presentation will discuss the basics of PCI Express, including an overview of PCI Express, differences between PCI and PCI Express, and types of PCI Express devices.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingApplicationsInterfaceAvailable QuantityView Details
XIO1100ZGB datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS PHY 100-BGAXIO1100ZGBIC PCI-EXPRESS PHY 100-BGATray-TI-PIPE212 - Immediate
XIO1100ZGB product page link
XIO2000AZHH datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS BRIDGE 175-BGAXIO2000AZHHIC PCI-EXPRESS BRIDGE 175-BGATrayPCI Express to PCI Translation BridgePCI132 - Immediate
XIO2000AZHH product page link
XIO1100GGB datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS PHY 100-BGAXIO1100GGBIC PCI-EXPRESS PHY 100-BGATray-TI-PIPE879 - Immediate
7040 - Factory Stock
XIO1100GGB product page link
XIO2200AZGW datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS/BUS BRIDGE 176BGAXIO2200AZGWIC PCI-EXPRESS/BUS BRIDGE 176BGATrayPCI Express to PCI Translation BridgePCI79 - Immediate
XIO2200AZGW product page link
XIO2200AZHH datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS/BUS BRIDGE 175BGAXIO2200AZHHIC PCI-EXPRESS/BUS BRIDGE 175BGATrayPCI Express to PCI Translation BridgePCI0XIO2200AZHH product page link
XIO2000AGZZ datasheet linkIC PCI-EXPRESS BRIDGE 201-BGAXIO2000AGZZIC PCI-EXPRESS BRIDGE 201-BGATrayPCI Express to PCI Translation BridgePCI0XIO2000AGZZ product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-10