AFE Sensor

Configurable Sensor AFE Products Simplify Design and Speed Time-To-Market

Texas Instruments

This product training module will provide an overview of Sensor AFE.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingNumber of BitsNumber of ChannelsAvailable QuantityView Details
LMP91000SDE/NOPB datasheet linkIC AFE INTERFACE 14WSONLMP91000SDE/NOPBIC AFE INTERFACE 14WSONCut Tape (CT)816726 - Immediate
LMP91000SDE/NOPB product page link
LMP90100MH/NOPB datasheet linkIC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOPLMP90100MH/NOPBIC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOPTube241110 - Immediate
LMP90100MH/NOPB product page link
LMP90100MHE/NOPB datasheet linkIC AFE INTERFACE 28-TSSOPLMP90100MHE/NOPBIC AFE INTERFACE 28-TSSOPCut Tape (CT)2410LMP90100MHE/NOPB product page link
LMP91000SDX/NOPB datasheet linkIC AFE SNSR I2C 14WSONLMP91000SDX/NOPBIC AFE SNSR I2C 14WSONTape & Reel (TR)810LMP91000SDX/NOPB product page link
LMP90100MHX/NOPB datasheet linkIC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOPLMP90100MHX/NOPBIC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)2410LMP90100MHX/NOPB product page link

Eval Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable QuantityView Details
LMP91000EVM/NOPB datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR LMP91000LMP91000EVM/NOPBEVAL BOARD FOR LMP91000Interface, Analog Front End (AFE)NoLMP910006 - Immediate
80 - Factory Stock
LMP91000EVM/NOPB product page link
LMP90100EB/NOPB datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR LMP90100LMP90100EB/NOPBEVAL BOARD FOR LMP90100Interface, Analog Front End (AFE)NoLMP901002 - Immediate
LMP90100EB/NOPB product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-02-01