Distributed Power Architecture

TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

This module will identify the challenges and provide a step by step solution to designing a system with Intermediate Bus Architecture DC-DC converters and Point of Load (POL) converters.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
IAF12020A007V-003-R datasheet linkDC/DC CONVRTR 0.7V-5.5V 20A SMDIAF12020A007V-003-RDC/DC CONVRTR 0.7V-5.5V 20A SMD336 - Immediate
IAF12020A007V-003-R product page link
ICF05003A006V-003-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 3A SMDICF05003A006V-003-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 3A SMD371 - Immediate
ICF05003A006V-003-R product page link
ICF12003A007V-003-R datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 3A SMDICF12003A007V-003-RDC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 3A SMD306 - Immediate
ICF12003A007V-003-R product page link
ICG12006A007V-003-R datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 6A SMDICG12006A007V-003-RDC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 6A SMD328 - Immediate
ICG12006A007V-003-R product page link
ICG05006A006V-003-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 6A SMDICG05006A006V-003-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 6A SMD139 - Immediate
ICG05006A006V-003-R product page link
IBF12012A007V-003-R datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTR 0.7V-5.5V 12A SMDIBF12012A007V-003-RDC/DC CONVERTR 0.7V-5.5V 12A SMD194 - Immediate
IBF12012A007V-003-R product page link
IBF12012A007V-007-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 12A SMDIBF12012A007V-007-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 12A SMD136 - Immediate
IBF12012A007V-007-R product page link
IBF05012A006V-007-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMDIBF05012A006V-007-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMD132 - Immediate
IBF05012A006V-007-R product page link
IAF05020A006V-003-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMDIAF05020A006V-003-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMD165 - Immediate
IAF05020A006V-003-R product page link
IQE4W011A120V-001-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 11A 132W PCBIQE4W011A120V-001-RCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 11A 132W PCB54 - Immediate
IQE4W011A120V-001-R product page link
IQG48033A120V-1D9-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 33A 396W PCBIQG48033A120V-1D9-RCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 33A 396W PCB71 - Immediate
IQG48033A120V-1D9-R product page link
IBF05012A006V-003-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMDIBF05012A006V-003-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMD81 - Immediate
IBF05012A006V-003-R product page link
IAF12020A007V-007-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 20A SMDIAF12020A007V-007-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 20A SMD90 - Immediate
IAF12020A007V-007-R product page link
IAF05020A006V-007-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMDIAF05020A006V-007-RCONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMD86 - Immediate
IAF05020A006V-007-R product page link
IQE24024A050V-001-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC-DC 5V 24A 120W PCBIQE24024A050V-001-RCONVRTR DC-DC 5V 24A 120W PCB73 - Immediate
IQE24024A050V-001-R product page link
IQL24021A120V-009-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 21A 252W PCBIQL24021A120V-009-RCONVRTR DC-DC 12V 21A 252W PCB55 - Immediate
IQL24021A120V-009-R product page link
IQE48030A050V-001-R datasheet linkCONVRTR DC-DC 5V 30A 150W PCBIQE48030A050V-001-RCONVRTR DC-DC 5V 30A 150W PCB0IQE48030A050V-001-R product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-04-01