LCD Controller

CP240x LCD Driver Family

Silicon Labs

This module will overview the new CP240x device family, explain LCD technology, and provide a detailed discussion of the device functions and features.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingDisplay TypeConfigurationAvailable QuantityView Details
CP2401-GQ datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPCP2401-GQIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPTrayLCD128 Segment15902 - Immediate
CP2401-GQ product page link
CP2400-GQ datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPCP2400-GQIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPTrayLCD128 Segment183 - Immediate
CP2400-GQ product page link
CP2402-GM datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNCP2402-GMIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNTubeLCD64 Segment65 - Immediate
CP2402-GM product page link
CP2402-GMR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNCP2402-GMRIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNTape & Reel (TR)LCD64 Segment0CP2402-GMR product page link
CP2403-GMR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNCP2403-GMRIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNTape & Reel (TR)LCD64 Segment0CP2403-GMR product page link
CP2403-GM datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNCP2403-GMIC LCD DRIVER 32QFNTubeLCD64 Segment0CP2403-GM product page link
CP2400-GMR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48QFNCP2400-GMRIC LCD DRIVER 48QFNTape & Reel (TR)LCD128 Segment0CP2400-GMR product page link
CP2401-GMR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48QFNCP2401-GMRIC LCD DRIVER 48QFNTape & Reel (TR)LCD128 Segment0CP2401-GMR product page link
CP2400-GQR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPCP2400-GQRIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPTape & Reel (TR)LCD128 Segment0CP2400-GQR product page link
CP2401-GQR datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPCP2401-GQRIC LCD DRIVER 48TQFPTape & Reel (TR)LCD128 Segment0CP2401-GQR product page link

Eval Boards and Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable QuantityView Details
CP2400DK datasheet linkKIT EVAL SPI LCD DRIVER CP2400CP2400DKKIT EVAL SPI LCD DRIVER CP2400LCD DevelopmentYesCP24002 - Immediate
CP2400DK product page link
CP2401DK datasheet linkKIT EVAL I2C LCD DRIVER CP2401CP2401DKKIT EVAL I2C LCD DRIVER CP2401LCD DevelopmentYesCP24010CP2401DK product page link
CP2400AB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL SPI LCD DRIVER CP2400CP2400ABBOARD EVAL SPI LCD DRIVER CP2400LCD DevelopmentNoCP24000CP2400AB product page link
CP2401AB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL I2C LCD DRIVER CP2401CP2401ABBOARD EVAL I2C LCD DRIVER CP2401LCD DevelopmentNoCP24010CP2401AB product page link
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