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Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting

Signal Transformer

This presentation provides an introduction to Signal’s line of Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting and offers an overview of applications and markets where the product line can be utilized and/or specified. Also highlighted are the latest safety and technology features incorporated into Signal’s latest inductor series. The emergence of LEDs as the most efficient source of lighting is driving electronic technology of SMD inductors to ensure that LEDs are powered sufficiently to achieve the highest level of performance and luminescence. Increased importance is also placed on cost savings and quick delivery times by design engineers and OEM manufacturers who specify and build products which include LED lighting, including consumer, commercial, industrial, vehicle and emergency transportation, fire and security, gaming, medical and automation markets.
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IND SMD 0.047UH 32A 200KHZSCIHP0412-R047IND SMD 0.047UH 32A 200KHZ3791 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 2.20UH 5.00A 200KHZSCIHP0420TB-2R2IND SMD 2.20UH 5.00A 200KHZ2851 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 3.30UH 7.0A 200KHZSCIHP0530-3R3IND SMD 3.30UH 7.0A 200KHZ1955 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 4.70UH 5.0A 200KHZSCIHP0530-4R7IND SMD 4.70UH 5.0A 200KHZ1980 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 1.50UH 13.0A 200KHZSCIHP0750-1R5IND SMD 1.50UH 13.0A 200KHZ785 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 2.20UH 12.0A 200KHZSCIHP0750-2R2IND SMD 2.20UH 12.0A 200KHZ799 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 0.68UH 30A 200KHZSCIH1040HC-R68MIND SMD 0.68UH 30A 200KHZ779 - ImmediateView Details
IND SMD 1.00UH 25A 200KHZSCIH1040HC-1R0MIND SMD 1.00UH 25A 200KHZ776 - ImmediateView Details
FIXED IND 10UH 10A 18.5 MOHM SMDSCIHP1367-100MFIXED IND 10UH 10A 18.5 MOHM SMD12030 - ImmediateView Details
FIXED IND 3.3UH 15A 6.8 MOHM SMDSCIHP1367-3R3MFIXED IND 3.3UH 15A 6.8 MOHM SMD13925 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2018-10-10