Air Mover Selection

Air Mover Selection

Sanyo Denki

This presentation will discuss the design characteristics, the cooling requirements, and the environmental concerns for Sanyo Denki’s Air Mover selection guide.

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DC Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable QuantityView Details
109BM12GC2-1 datasheet linkBLOWER 97X33MM 12VDC TACH109BM12GC2-1BLOWER 97X33MM 12VDC TACHActive197 - Immediate
109BM12GC2-1 product page link
109E1724K502 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS109E1724K502FAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLSActive323 - Immediate
109E1724K502 product page link
109E1724H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109E1724H501FAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS TACHActive187 - Immediate
109E1724H501 product page link
109BC12GC7-1 datasheet linkBLOWER 52X15MM 12VDC TACH109BC12GC7-1BLOWER 52X15MM 12VDC TACHActive38 - Immediate
109BC12GC7-1 product page link
109BM24GC2-1 datasheet linkBLOWER 97X33MM 24VDC TACH109BM24GC2-1BLOWER 97X33MM 24VDC TACHActive93 - Immediate
109BM24GC2-1 product page link
109BM12MC2-1 datasheet linkBLOWER 97X33MM 12VDC TACH109BM12MC2-1BLOWER 97X33MM 12VDC TACHActive29 - Immediate
109BM12MC2-1 product page link
109E1712K501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109E1712K501FAN 172X51MM 12VDC RBLS TACHActive17 - Immediate
109E1712K501 product page link
109E1724C501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109E1724C501FAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS TACHActive63 - Immediate
109E1724C501 product page link
109E1724H502 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLS109E1724H502FAN 172X51MM 24VDC RBLSActive44 - Immediate
109E1724H502 product page link
109E1712H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109E1712H501FAN 172X51MM 12VDC RBLS TACHActive12 - Immediate
109E1712H501 product page link
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AC Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable QuantityView Details
109-044UL datasheet linkFAN 80X42MM 230VAC109-044ULFAN 80X42MM 230VACActive68 - Immediate
109-044UL product page link
9AD0901M121 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLS9AD0901M121FAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLSActive27 - Immediate
9AD0901M121 product page link
9AD0901H121 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLS9AD0901H121FAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLSActive26 - Immediate
9AD0901H121 product page link
9AD0901H12 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC9AD0901H12FAN 92X38MM 90/264VACActive22 - Immediate
9AD0901H12 product page link
9AD0901M12 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC9AD0901M12FAN 92X38MM 90/264VACActive16 - Immediate
9AD0901M12 product page link
9AD1201H12 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 90/264VAC9AD1201H12FAN 120X38MM 90/264VACActive73 - Immediate
9AD1201H12 product page link
9AD1201H121 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 90/264VAC RBLS9AD1201H121FAN 120X38MM 90/264VAC RBLSActive29 - Immediate
9AD1201H121 product page link
9AD0901M1H datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC LSS9AD0901M1HFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC LSSActive28 - Immediate
9AD0901M1H product page link
9AD0901M1H1 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLS LSS9AD0901M1H1FAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC RBLS LSSActive28 - Immediate
9AD0901M1H1 product page link
9AD0901H1H datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC LSS9AD0901H1HFAN 92X38MM 90/264VAC LSSActive22 - Immediate
9AD0901H1H product page link
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PTM Published on: 2017-01-20